Interior designs with fiberglass, stainless steel and premium grade of aluminum furniture. Interior LED. Lighting system arranged and approved by professional engineer. It’s convenient, safety, easy for cleaning, sterilization and maintenance.
Patient Room Services Capacity 7.0 cu.m.

Ambulances Equipment (Exterior)
  • Wind deflector.
  • Side skirts with aluminum step.
  • Door visor.
  • Front overider with emergency LED.
    flash light
  • Fog lamp.
  • Chromium side mirror covered with
    LED. light.
  • Spoiler with emergency signal,
    rear-view camera and spot light.
  • LED. Emergency Warning Side Signal
  • Stainless steel rear step.
  • Ambulance sign sticker.
  • Emergency warning LED. light & Siren.
    Plug 220V.AC with electric wire
    15 m.
  • Tinted window film for the driver
    cabin & tinted glass for the patient cabin.
  • Side cladding fender flare and
    body cladding.


ABL-LT-EX is designed for installing on the pickup truck chassis, appropriate for all environment, sporty look, and safety. It’s made of  “SANDWICH PANEL”, seamless, and food grade fiberglass sheet standard approved by ATP (Approved for Transport of Perishable Food stuffs, Germany) 2 rear doors open with interior, side opener, emergency door exit, and side oxygen tank cabinet.
Interior size length 2,760 x height 1,530 x width 1,680 mm.

Ambulances Equipment (Interior)
Fiberglass cabinet for loading 2 oxygen tanks, convenient for patient  
and officer. ( Click on image to larger gallery )
Front storage with sliding window for connecting between driver’s compartment and patient compartment. 2 seater bench & safety belt.
Oxygen Control Unit with oxygen pressure gauge and less oxygen warning signal included oxygen interchange system for changing the oxygen tank.
Electric Control Switch Board for patient compartment with inverter 1000 w. pure sine and more safety with emergency breaker.
Cooling fan coil unit for rear cabinet with IONIZER.
Front panel with front storage cabinet.
Rear patient compartment’s floor is made of single of seamless fiberglass and covers with aluminum sheet, includes stretcher base.
Fiberglass medical counter with safety belt and aluminum rail.
3 seaters bench with underneath cabinet & Safety Belt. The structure is made of premium grade stainless steel, anti-corrosion, seat covered with PVC., available to convert to extra patient bed support.
3 seaters bench with safety belts and underneath cabinet. Available to convert to extra patient bed support.
* The Company reserves the right to change details and specification in the components and equipments of ambulance, Rescue Car and Emergency Car without notice.
* The design have been patented with the intellectual property department.



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